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Контроллер LXC9210


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Контроллер LXC9210
Контроллер LXC9210
Под заказ, 10 дней
  • +7 показать номер +7 (771) 576-88-87
  • +7 (775) 950-90-64
Контроллер LXC9210

Product description:

LXC9210 plant automation controller series diesel generator sets for a single automation and control systems, the use of 32-bit microprocessors and embedded real-time systems technology, turbine automatic start / stop, a variety of parameters precision measurement, alarm protection and "three remote "function. The controller uses LCD screen (240 * 128LCD) graphic display can be displayed on one page under almost all the important parameters, save the page. Also can display Chinese, English and other languages, all parameters can be adjusted from the control panel, or use a PC via USB, RS232, RS485, LINK or GPRS remote adjustment and monitoring. Its compact, simple wiring, high reliability, and can be widely used in various types of generators automation systems, but also for fire pumps, air compressor automation control systems.


Main features:

1. Using 240x128LCD display with backlight, multilanguage interface operations include: Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian. Can be displayed on one page most parameters, save frequently switch the page view, making the operation more convenient;


2. With SMS function, when there is an alarm generator can automatically set 5 phone numbers to send alarm information can also be controlled via SMS turbine generator sets and inspection status. With advanced networking capabilities, GPRS mobile network and the Internet via the Internet, at any place where the network can be remotely monitor; (GPRS module to be installed: LXI680)


3. Acquisition and display mains / generator phase voltage, phase current, phase sequence, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, power, various engine sensor data;


4. Mains overvoltage, undervoltage, over and under frequency, phase, reverse phase sequence warning function, power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, over and under frequency, over current, over power, reverse power, phase, reverse phase sequence warning and shutdown protection;


5. Three fixed analog sensors (temperature, oil pressure, liquid level), two programmable analog sensor can be set to the temperature or pressure or liquid level sensor (LXC71X0 no such function);


6. A heater, cooler, fuel pump control functions;


7. Perfect control and protection functions: to achieve diesel and natural gas generator set automatic start / stop, close / open gate (ATS switch) and perfect protection fault display function, when there are multiple warnings, the warning bar will display them in turn, facilitate the analyze the reasons;


8. There fault history 200, can record instant warning or failure occurs in hydraulic, water temperature, voltage, current, power, and other important parameters, easy to analyze the causes and maintenance;


9. There are realtime clock, timer switch (monthly / weekly / boot once a day and can be set with or without load) function;


10. Group with three maintenance functions can be set to machine maintenance cycle. Maintenance time can be set to the action (warning or alarm shutdown);





Operating Voltage

DC8.0V to DC35.0V, Continuous Power Supply.

Power Consumption

<4w (standby 2W)

Alternator Input Range:


3-Phase 4-Wire

12V - 360 V AC (ph-N) 

3-Phase 3-Wire

20V - 620 V AC (ph-ph)

Single-Phase 2-Wire

12V - 360 V AC (ph-N)

2-Phase 3-Wire

12V - 360 V AC (ph-N)

Alternator Frequency


Speed sensor voltage Vpp

2.2 - 100Vpp (Peak to peak)

Speed sensor Frequency

10,000 Hz (max.)

Start Relay Output

16Amp Controller Power Voltage Output

Fuel Relay Output

16Amp Controller Power Voltage Output

Programmable Relay Output 1

7Amp Controller Power Voltage Output

Programmable Relay Output 2

7Amp Controller Power Voltage Output

Programmable Relay Output 3

7Amp Controller Power Voltage Output

Programmable Relay Output 4

7Amp 250VAC voltage free output

Programmable Relay Output 5

7Amp 250VAC voltage free outputLXC9220

Programmable Relay Output 6

7Amp 250VAC voltage free outputLXC9220

Case Dimension

254mm x 180 mm x 44 mm

Panel Cutout

218mm x 160mm

C.T. Secondary

5A rated

Working Conditions

Temperature: (-25~+70)℃ Humidity: (2090)%


Storage Condition

Temperature: (-40~+85)

Protection Level

IP55: when waterproof rubber seal installed between controller and

panel fascia.

IP42: when waterproof rubber seal is not installed between the

controller and panel fascia.

Insulating Intensity

Object: input/output/power

Quote standard: IEC688-1992

Test way: AC1.5kV/1min

leakage current: 3mA

Net Weight




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